Bespoke software development prices

Cost of Bespoke Software Development

Cost of Bespoke Software Development

We understand how staying in line with your budget is very important, especially for organisations that are just starting out.
This is why we offer flexibility when it comes to budgeting and build you bespoke software without extravagant overpricing.

Not all projects are the same!

The services we offer you aren’t all going to be priced the same. This is simply because not all projects are the same and are unlikely to ever be equal. They can differ based on many different aspects of what you need from us.

Technical complexity

Depending on how complex your project needs to be, an extra cost may have to be added. This depends on what it is that you need your project to do. For example, do you need us to build you a communication platform where users can contact each other directly, or would you prefer we only build you a viewing platform to advertise upcoming events? Your project can also take on video functionality and complex process flows that will need to be expertly put together.

Features and functions

Based on how many features you need your project to have, this will also increase costs. Any specific or even complex features of an application for example will take longer to put together and finalise completely. Whilst a button taking your customers to an ordering page may not seem complicated at all however depending on what other features may correspond with it, complexity may increase.

Third-party integration

Any specific integration you may wish to add to your project will also increase time and cost. At Akoom, we want to make sure that all integrations are well done and won’t pose future issues to you. Making sure that these are well accomplished adds to the time needed to complete your project and so to its cost as well.

Custom design

Our Akoom developers want to offer you only custom-made development and design. This means that we are not recycling ideas but instead of coming up with something new for each project and each client. Our custom interfaces will therefore be more costly compared to a standard interface with no design at all.

Components of Software Development Costs

At Akoom, we believe there are four major segments to software development costs. These altogether form an idea of how much a project will cost depending on its different aspects and your expectations. We mainly focus on development, which plays the biggest role in costs, project management, quality assurance and UI/UX design. Each one is a vital part of successful product development.

Akoom Tech Total Project Cost
Project Development (65%)
Project Management (13%)
Quality Assurance (15%)
UI/UX (7%)
The graph we have provided above is only an estimate of our major segments of software development costs however it should help you visualise what is needed and is what quantities it is needed to build a successful project.

Average costs for Bespoke Development

At Akoom, we can’t say how much a project will cost until we know more about your idea, your expectations, what you want us to add or take advantage of. If we were to give an estimate of how much a project will cost, on average, and depending on its complexity, it might fall within these categories below.


Small Software Project
£8,000 - £30,000
Medium Software Project
£30,000 - £80,000
Large Software Project

A different approach - Phased approach

At Akoom, we offer you different approaches to finishing a project. If a budget is something you are perhaps wearier about, we can help you take the right steps in the right direction.

For example, you don’t have to finalise a big and complex project all in one go if you don’t wish to. Instead, using the phased approach, we can take smaller steps together towards a finalised project.

Minimum Viable Product

We can start off by offering you an MVP software development– a Minimum Viable Product – that will include the features you need most to test out our preferred market before taking the big plunge.


We help you prioritise features for your project and will make sure to give them more time and attention. This way, we could also use your budget most efficiently on the things that matter most to you.


By starting out small and slowly growing and adding more parts to your project, we can help you manage your budget easier and rethink your plans based on factors that you prioritise by talking to our developers.


Once you start receiving traffic on your software, your users will help you determine whether your priorities need to change. We’ll be here to listen to any change in plans and help accommodate for other priorities to help you grow.


Your project idea may change during this time and it is important that our communication lines are always open to you. This way we can design the software you need based on the things you have learned since using your software and managing your customers.