Technology Stack

Akoom Technology Stack

Diversity in technology stack

Here at Akoom, we believe in diversity. That’s why we offer a wide range of technologies that can best fit your project requirements. Our developers have seniority across multiple technologies and this will give you the peace of mind that your project will be developed at high standards.


We are specialised in using the following programming languages: C++, Python, Php, JavaScript



Our development culture promotes usage of frameworks the can speed up development:
Symphony, Zend Framework, Laravel, Django, NodeJS, Angular, Vue.js, React.js

SymphonyZend FrameworkLaravelDjangoNodeJSAngularVue.jsReact.js

Mobile Development

In a mobile era, we are fully committed to offering state of the art solutions for your mobile
success. Our development teams will develop in Java for Android, Swift for iOS and
React Native for hybrid (Android and iOS) cost and time effective solutions.

AndroidSwiftReact Native


RESTful API’s are the corner stone of your modern online applications. We can develop your solution using
Node.js and for more complex solutions GraphQL.


DBMS / Data Storage

Our specialists will offer expertise in finding and architecting your data storage solutions based on
your custom requirements including MySql and MongoDB.


Web Technologies/Libraries

We support a large array of web technologies including React.js, React Native, HTML5, JS, CSS, jQuery, Bootstrap and not only.


Payment Solutions

We offer online payment solutions using Stripe, PayPal,, SagePay, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

StripeCheckout.comSage PayPayPalApple PayGoogle Pay


Which technologies and libraries does Akoom Tech support for web development?

Akoom Tech supports a vast array of web technologies, including but not limited to React.js, React Native, HTML5, JS, CSS, jQuery, and Bootstrap.

Which frameworks does Akoom Tech use for development?

Akoom Tech utilises various frameworks to expedite development. Some of these include Symphony, Zend Framework, Laravel, Django, NodeJS, Angular, Vue.js, and React.js.

What programming languages does Akoom Tech specialise in?

Akoom Tech specialises in several programming languages, including C++, Python, Php, and JavaScript.

What solutions does Akoom Tech offer for online payments?

Akoom Tech provides a range of online payment solutions, including Stripe, PayPal,, SagePay, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

How does Akoom Tech approach mobile development?

Akoom Tech is committed to delivering top-notch mobile solutions. Their development teams use Java for Android, Swift for iOS, or React Native and Flutter for cross-platform solutions that cater to both Android and iOS platforms.