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We have been working in the software development industry for over 18 years!

We started Akoom in order to help as many people as possible take full advantage of their business and come to more profitable outcomes regardless of business size. We want to help our clients explore their business needs and come to solutions of how to improve and grow within their industry.


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Why we started Akoom

Wanting to improve and continue the development of a business is necessary. However, it can become frustrating when software companies are unable to meet your expectations and deadlines. We started Akoom because we were met with these same frustrations. Having to wait for a software company to simply schedule us in after a minimum of 4 months of waiting seemed to squabble our business ideas and innovative improvements. We promised to change that with Akoom.

  • We promise to help you develop and improve your business easily with the correct tools.
  • In fast, ever-changing industries, we will help you be one of the first businesses out with new technologies.
  • Gain insight from our Akoom developers who have years of experience in software development.

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